An easy way to control late attendance and truancy!

Yaware.Attendance is the innovative cloud-based solution for access control and employee time tracking

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Essential product for HR management
Get your own cyber doorman in 30 mins

To start tracking the time, complete a few simple steps of system configuration and download the application to your tablet. No need to purchase any equipment and wait for the installation.

Improve the discipline and optimize payroll

Manage late attendance, truancy and overtime. Forecast the payroll.

Сut down expenses

The infrastructure is cloud-based, so - no servers needed and no funds for their maintenance.

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Easily. Clearly. Conveniently.
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Or connect yours. We recommend trying Android app, free for 14 days, which will turn any mobile device into a time tracking and access control station. Access Control System
Pass simple registration
Enter or import the list of employees from your account
All important information on the first screen. Detailed reports on departments are available in one cliques.

Why you should subscribe for Yaware.Attendance right now
Employee time tracking

Analytics for departments, positions and employees.

Access control

Integration into a unified system. Biometric scanners. RFID tags.

Elaborate interface

All essential data in the home screen. Detailed reports in one click. Easy employee import.

Workplace discipline management

Late attendance, truancy and overtime statistics.

Overtime management

Forecast the payroll.

Cloud-based architecture

Access the stats from any spot of the world and any device. No server purchasing, configuration or maintenance expenses

Email notifications

Notification and report mailing function


Integration with popular products 1С, SAP, Microsoft, QuickBook, …

Mobile application

Android apps for authorization and control

Mobile application | RFID cards | Biometric scanner
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